The Mansfield International Film Festival

The First Annual Texas Mansfield International Film Festival is a four-day film collaboration designed to showcase International, national, local filmmakers and storytellers. Those gifted in the creative ability to capture the attention and imagination of the audience through visual storytelling, is what MIFF seeks to discover over the course of the festival.

Mission & Objective:
The Mansfield International Film Festival’s Mission is to constantly strive to achieve better and more creative ways to celebrate, honor and showcase independent storytellers, while promoting the City of Mansfield’s passion and commitment in bringing awareness to the importance and educational value of the Arts.


This is the Mansfield International Film Festival’s First Annual competition. In Spring of 2019, MIFF will present its Documentary, Narrative Feature, Short, Documentary Short, Experimental, Children’s and introducing “The Big Mans”, film competition.
A collaboration of Film Makers, Industry Professionals, independent Storytellers, students and local talent, will converge upon Mansfield’s creative scene for a Texas-size cinematic explosion. This is an opportunity for out-of-towners and locals to experience fascinating short films, intriguing Panel guest, celebrity appearances and exciting award celebrations; all in Red-Carpet-Style fashion.
Visiting filmmakers, out of town guest and local Mansfielders, will be thrilled to enjoy the multitude of attractions within walking distance of the historical Farr Best Theater, including … (give description of places to eat and relax)
The MIFF is designed and destined to be an event that will help shape the classy yet entertaining reputation of the Great City of Mansfield.


About the Festival:
MIFF welcomes Films that highlight the importance of community, equality, education and determination (meaning positive awareness, overcoming adversities, underdog triumphs, struggle, heroes and an overall commitment to improving the quality of living in our society). Films presented in the festival will demonstrate a bold commitment to subject matter, creative ingenuity, excellence in cinematic craft, and innovation in storytelling. MIFF will also celebrate the Great State of Texas by introducing “The Big MANS” Film category which will focus on films about Texas; made in Texas.
The MIFF exists to showcase the determined Filmmaker; The Storyteller who’s not afraid to step out into deep water and make waves.

Extra Information:
In addition to thousands in Cash, merchandise and trophy awards for First and second place, special “recognition awards” will be presented for “Best Local Student Film” and “People’s Choice”. “Best in Texas”. And “Most inspirational”
In addition to their screenings in Mansfield Texas, participating filmmakers will be invited to discuss their work on our “Meet the Makers” Panel Highlight Night. All selected Filmmakers can and are eligible to win more than one award.
Submit your Film @ withoutabox.com or texasmiff.com

The Desert Love Film Society is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and supporting theater, Art, film, filmmakers and film education through our annual events, the Mansfield International Film Festival (MIFF) through membership events and screenings.
Cash awards ranging from $100 USD to $1000 will be awarded to category winners. Trophies, gift cards, trips and prizes will also be rewarded category winners & runners-up


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